Vogel Art Loan Program (Mason only)


Mason departments are invited to participate in the Art Loan Program by selecting paintings from the Collection to be displayed within their department.

Each painting that enters the Art Loan Program is an investment in the conservation of the Hilde Vogel-Michalik Art Collection and helps to preserve Hilde’s artistic legacy. It also ensures that the terms of the donation agreement, that a portion of Hilde’s paintings will be displayed at Mason, are honored.

Please note, borrowers must be George Mason University employees, and artwork is for display on Mason property only.

Borrowers are responsible for associated costs of matting, framing, and displaying loaned artwork as needed. Currently there are Vogel paintings already matted and framed available for loan.

For more information about the program, contact Don Russell.

Paintings on Loan









HMV 2011 606
HMV 2011 988








HMV 2005 700
Multi 2005 214, 2011 129 and 538