Print Services

Print Hub
Katherine G. Johnson Hall (formerly Bull Run Hall), Room 108A

The Print Hub at the SciTech Campus, part of George Mason Print Services, provides the campus community with quality printing at low prices. Services may be charged to department accounts, paid for with cash, or with a personal check. Most copy jobs will be done on site. Those copy jobs requiring additional attention will be sent to the Fairfax Campus and returned to the SciTech Campus for pick-up. Color copying and laminating are also available. Call for a schedule of rates.

Print Services Copy Machines are available for use by the campus community in the following locations at the SciTech Campus:

Mercer Library
Colgan Hall, second and third floors
Discovery Hall, first and second floors
Katherine G. Johnson Hall (formerly Bull Run Hall), second floor

Card Readers on these machines accept payment using Mason ID card, Cash Card, or Department Copy Card. A machine located in Mercer Library sells Cash Cards and adds credit to Mason ID cards.