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The Hilde Vogel-Michalik collection consists of more than 2,000 paintings. The conservation needs for this collection exceed the funds available.

Our goal is to have as many paintings on display as possible throughout the university. Displaying the artwork informs the community of Hilde’s incredible work and fosters support to manage the collection. Several programs help to achieve this objective:

Vogel Greeting Cards

Hilde painted for her own pleasure and for the joy of others. She was known to hand paint greeting cards.

She gave many paintings away to relatives and friends, in particular as birthday and holiday greetings. Every year she spent three to four months painting her greeting cards.

Hilde’s paintings might be seen as her conversation with the world around her, its places, light, color, and forms. This idea is reflected in a letter dated January 21, 1987 in reference to her paintings where she wrote, “These are my jewels, or one could also say, my songs.”

Purchase a set of Vogel Greeting cards to send friends and relatives.

Each set includes six different cards depicting a Hilde Vogel painting. Cards are 5” x 7”, blank inside for your personal message, and include envelopes.

100% of proceeds are used for the care and maintenance of the Vogel Collection.

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Original Vogel Greeting Card Paintings

Through the donations of Harold Vogel, the university is in possession of hundreds of original paintings that Hilde intended to use for her annual holiday and birthday greetings.

Some of these original paintings are mounted on a card, others are only the painting, and some of the paintings are mounted and signed but never sent.

Own an original painting and keep Hilde’s spirit of greeting alive.

Purchase an original painting for your personal enjoyment or as a unique gift. Make an appointment to see the diverse Collection and choose one of the small, greeting card sized paintings. Larger sized original paintings are also available for purchasing.

100% of proceeds are used for the care and maintenance of the Vogel Collection.

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Make a Donation

Hilde Vogel-Michalik was a prolific painter whose career spanned over 40 years. During her lifetime, she had little interest in selling her work, painting mostly for herself and her friends and family.

To fuel her passion, Hilde often painted on whatever material was at hand, creating unique challenges for conservation.

When you make a donation to the Collection, you are making an investment in preserving Hilde’s artistic legacy for future generations.

Donations to the Collection are used for multiple purposes, including:

  • Maintain, preserve, and restore Hilde Vogel-Michalik paintings donated to George Mason University
  • Meet the terms of the In-kind Gift Agreement to display 25% of the collection
  • Frame, mat, and display Vogel paintings on all campuses of George Mason University
  • Promote Vogel paintings to the university community and to the general public
  • Assist in revenue generation

To make a direct donation to the Hilde Vogel Foundation Account via check:

  • Please make checks payable to: George Mason University Foundation
  • Indicate Vogel Collection Administration in the memo line
  • Send checks to, or contact:

Deborah Weitzman-Ward, Curator, Hilde Vogel Collection
George Mason University
Science and Technology Campus
10900 University Blvd, MS 5B8
Manassas, VA 20110
Phone: 703-993-1621