Hilde Vogel-Michalik Art Collection

About the Collection

In 2005, Harold Vogel donated over 1,000 pieces of artwork created by his wife, Hilde Vogel-Michalik, to the SciTech Campus (then known as the Prince William Campus). The collection included a variety of oil, graphite sketches, watercolor and ink compositions, and encaustic wax paintings.

Each of these paintings was documented, individually photographed, and assigned a unique number. The paintings were then sorted by size and condition. All pieces that were in at least fair condition were placed into portfolios to preserve the paintings. Paintings in less than fair condition are stored together, and it is our hope to eventually have them restored.

In 2011, Harold donated the remainder of his private collection of Hilde’s paintings—an additional 1,200 paintings. These paintings were processed the same way as the 2005 donation. The full collection spans over 40 years of her work. This includes her paintings and sketches as a student at the Folkwang School of Art in Germany up until her death in 1999.

The donation agreement includes a requirement to have 25 percent of the collection on display at Mason, which is accomplished through the Vogel Loan Program. The agreement also grants permission to sell up to 30 percent of the collection, with all proceeds used for the care and maintenance of the collection. The Adopt-a-Painting Program and proceeds from sales of the Vogel Greeting Cards also support the collection.

We are grateful to all those who have supported the collection through the loan program and the purchase of paintings and greeting cards.

Adopt A Painting:
Choose an original painting from the donated collection so it can be displayed! Painting needs range from a simple reframing to a full restoration. Adopted pieces will be displayed on the Science and Technology Campus with a plaque that reads “Adopted By [name of donor].”

Vogel Art Loan Program (Mason departments only):
Through the loan program, Mason departments may display artwork from the Vogel Collection in offices around the university.

Own your own Vogel original!
When Harold Vogel donated his collection of Hilde’s artwork to the university, he gave permission to sell up to 30% of the collection, with the understanding that proceeds would be used to care for the remaining collection. If you are interested in owning an original Hilde Vogel painting, please contact Debbie Weitzman-Ward to make an appointment to view the collection or to find out more.