Vogel Art Loan Program

Vogel 2Borrowers must be George Mason University employees, and artwork is for display on Mason property only. Borrowers are responsible for the costs of matting, framing and displaying loaned artwork.

1. Individuals interested in displaying Vogel artwork need to make an appointment with Debbie Weitzman-Ward to view the collection. Email dweitzma@gmu.edu or call 703-993-1621 to schedule an appointment. The Vogel collection is large, so please set aside several hours to review the collection.

2. Following selection of art work for display, a Vogel Art Loan Form with information on the chosen piece(s) must be filled out by Debbie Weitzman-Ward. This form will be signed by the person requesting the artwork, along with the Approving Official responsible for the department fund/org code. Return signed form to Debbie Weitzman-Ward for approval. The chosen Art work may not be taken until the form is signed by both parties and approved.

3. After the Vogel Art Loan Form is approved by Science and Technology Campus Administration, the chosen art work will be given to the borrower, along with a Vogel Art Frame Addition Form. All artwork not already framed will need to be matted and framed at the expense of the borrower and displayed using the following guidelines:

  • Mats must be acid free and of archival quality.
  • Must use clear glass.
  • Do not hang/expose to direct sunlight or high light levels.
  • Avoid high and fluctuating temperatures and humidity.
  • Must use a security bracket for hanging the artwork (can be purchased and installed by the framing company).

Art work must be displayed within 45 days of possession.

The Vogel Art Frame Addition Form – along with a copy of the framing receipt – will need to be filled out and returned to Debbie Weitzman-Ward via campus mail at MSN 5B8. A photo must be taken of the chosen artwork in its new frame.

Please call Debbie Weitzman-Ward at 703-993-1621 as soon as the artwork is returned by the framing company to schedule a time for a picture to be taken. Once the picture is framed, the frame then becomes the property of the lender (SciTech Administration).

SciTech Administration highly recommends Pro Framing in Manassas. Owner Pam Chiocca has framed many Vogel pieces, and she offers a 20% discount off the framing of any Vogel artwork. More information can be obtained from her website: proframingbypam.com

4. All artwork must be hung using the secure bracket system. Inform the framing company that you will need a secure bracket system. Contact Facilities Maintenance department for assistance in hanging artwork.

5. All loaned art work will be assigned for a two-year period. At the end of the two-year period, the borrower will have the choice to renew for another two years or return the artwork to the lender. Borrower may not give artwork to another department or individual under any circumstances. 

  • Contact Debbie Weitzman-Ward at 703-993-1621 in the event borrower moves to another department, contact information changes, borrower leaves George Mason University, or for any reason the borrower does not want to maintain possession of the loaned artwork, to make arrangements for the appropriate action.

6. Annual inventory and condition reports will be performed by Debbie Weitzman-Ward. Borrower will be notified of time frame for the yearly inventory audit.

For any questions, contact Debbie Weitzman-Ward at 703-993-1621.