Science and Technology Campus


Parking is enforced at the Science and Technology Campus. All faculty, staff, and students must display a valid George Mason University parking permit. These may be purchased at the Parking Services office or online. Mason parking decals issued at Fairfax and Arlington Campuses are honored at the Science and Technology Campus; Science and Technology Campus parking decals are honored at Fairfax but NOT at Arlington without permission from Parking Services. Please see below for special weekend parking instructions.

Visitors to the Prince William Campus may park in the Occoquan and Discovery Lots and are required to display valid parking permits or to pay for hourly metered parking. Permits are sold in the Parking Services Office. Metered parking is paid for at the Parking Pay Station machines located at the Occoquan Parking Lot Information Kiosk. Please see below for special weekend parking instructions.

Parking in the Freedom Center Parking Lot is restricted to Freedom Center patrons only. Even Mason students attending class in the Freedom Center may not use that lot without having purchased a Freedom Center membership. Mason faculty and students must use Occoquan, King, or Discovery lots or risk receiving a parking ticket.

Parking Pay Station Instructions
Machines are located at the Occoquan Parking Lot Information Kiosk. The machines sell metered parking for $1 per hour or $5 for all day, for a specified parking space. Visitor enters space number where vehicle is parked into the machine and pays for time needed. The machines accept Visa, MasterCard and coins (U.S. currency only) and does NOT give receipts. When a vehicle is moved from a paid space prior to the expiration of time, balance of time is relinquished without refund. The balance of time does NOT transfer to any other space.

Special Parking

  • Free 30 minute Spaces Limited number available in the Occoquan Lot.
  • Handicap Parking Available in each PWC parking lot. Vehicle must display BOTH a valid DMV handicap permit (tag or placard) and a valid Mason parking permit. DMV permits alone are not valid for parking in campus parking areas or lots.
  • Motorcycle Parking Available in King Lot.
  • Reserved - Special Guest Spaces Limited number available in the Occoquan Lot for visitors and guests attending one day meetings. Reservation of these spaces must be made in advance through the Prince William Office of Administration, (703) 993-8334.
  • Beacon Hall Residential Parking $450 (Annual pass). Valid in Beacon Hall Resident lot and all General lots on the Fairfax Campus. Available for purchase only at the the Science and Technology Campus Parking Services Office.

Parking Services Office
Location: Occoquan Building, Room 112

Hours of Operation:

Phone: (703) 993-4808



Weekend Parking Information

To all faculty, staff, students and guests, APEX Cycle Education uses the Occoquan parking lot on the weekends (8:00 pm Friday - 7:00 pm Sunday) mid-March through mid-December to allow student riders on the course.

Any vehicle left in the lot scheduled for APEX will be towed to another location on campus at the owner’s expense. Signs will be posted and cones will be placed in advance and on a regular basis highlighting weekend parking restrictions. We ask that you make sure your vehicle is out of the designated lot Friday by 8:00 pm and if you are coming to campus on Saturdays or Sundays to please park in alternate lots.

Please pass this on to your faculty, staff, students and guests. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Carrie McVicker, Operations and Events Coordinator, PWC, (703) 993-8334. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.